Scandinavian surprises

Every now and then, especially when seasons change, I like to have a look into the H&M collections. Sometimes, they really manage to surprise (given all the cheapy stuff they also sell)!

This winter, I’ve found some georgeous basics there, like a big, cozy mohair-blend ivory-coloured cardigan – very scandinavian style – that keeps me warm and stylish everywhere (even at -20 C). Or a simple genuine leather skirt that ends right above the knees and is just perfect for almost every occasion. Or this great dress that I just bought and will begin to wear right now (under my mohair cardigan, f. ex.) but that will also be great for spring / summer! The material is great, too – it is viscose crèpe but looks almost like silk or very fine cotton.


And the cardigan (it’s still in the sale in some countries!! Careful with sizes here, I am a M normally, but wear XS in this).



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