Geraniums and a sunny afternoon Kusmi Tea at Maestro Café


Hurrying through the cold the other day, I at once was kind of struck by this little café in Montréal’s Rue Vanier (in the Mile End district). There, in the middle of snow and ice, were bright red geraniums in full bloom, a huge tropic indoor tree, little pots of orange or lemon plants. Sun all over the place.



I’ll give you the contrast, outside it was like this:


So I went inside – and found a counter full of things I love: Kusmi tea, french pastries (delicious-looking almond croissants..), a nice choice of coffee. I took a table by the window and an Anastasia Kusmi tea and had such a nice, calm afternoon. (If you don’t know Kusmi tea – it is a russian tea house in Paris that does very special, flavoured tea blends. Also, they come in beautiful vintage-style boxes. I think I’ll do a post about it soon!)


I also have to tell you about the plants. They were so beautiful and healthy, as if they were living outside in some warm, sunny country, that I had to ask for the trick (I happen to have the same green tree in my Berlin flat and never, ever, did it grow like this!). So: The guy from the café collects all the coffee grounds from his machine and mixes them into the soil of his plants! I’ve immediately begun to do this at home, let’s see what happens.

Any more plant tricks you can tell me of? And what’s your favorite coffee place?


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