First weekend of May in the german countryside – the hight of spring, glorious green, little wild spring flowers everywhere. I’ve passed some time with my family this weekend, one day hiking with my brother, the next with my father (aching knees now..), walking through so very green forests, through bird songs and air full of perfume. Sitting in my parent’s garden, eating white asparagus (that’s wwhat you eat in Germany in may, delicious and fresh, every weekend for the some weeks that it is in season). This evening my train goes back to Berlin, but those last hours I’ll sit outside and just take it all in!



♥ What to live for this week – 1


♥ First flowers in the fields. And first blackbirds and their beautiful, elaborated song. It’s the tune of spring and early summer, and they bring faraway countrysides into the city.

♥ Friends. Two friends picked me, and my weight again in luggage, up from the airport. Unannounced, unasked. Others welcomed me to their flats till I get mine back. We went for dinner, drinks, a concert and a great party this week. We danced till three in the morning, had a long sunny Sunday afternoon walk in the Tiergarten park and a lazy brunch at some kitchen table. It’s great to have my Berlin friends back in everyday life. The happiness to be with people you really know well.


♥ Jumping into spring: From -10 to +16 Celsius: Warm welcome to Germany!

MaerzMusik festival. Annual celebration of contemporary music in an (always great) festival. Listen to John Cage floating in the Liquidrom Spa or do “The long now” – 32 hours nonstop full of great concerts, sound installations, film projections and live acts: “Visitors are invited to enter this time bubble, to stay overnight, sleeping or otherwise, and surrender to this artistic borderline experience.” Looking forward!!

♥ This blog. So happy to do it. And to have such lovely readers and followers!