Marché de Vincennes


French markets – best ones I know, everything from great fresh cheese to flowers to shoes, clothes, so many beautiful fruits and vegetables. Even if I don’t want to buy anything, it’s just great to hang around, meet people, have a coffee and later a beer and look at the whole “quartier” passing by – that’s what we did last sunday with my friend in Vincennes!




7 hours in Paris (presque)


Seven hours in Paris – that would be very very nice, if it weren’t at the airport, and if the Paris airports weren’t so far outside the city, and if I hadn’t all the luggage of six month in Canada here on my trolley. Three jackets (one of them a huge canadian winter thing), two scarfs, hand luggage, handbag, laptop. Looking like a yeti. And hoping that Air France Hostesses will be nice and not comment on the extra handbag I’m not really allowed to carry, I’m afraid. But even if it’s only the airport, somehow it still is Paris.. grandiose architecture, little cafés here and there, magazine shops with all the french magazines, le ciel gris de Paris (today it’s really grey and overcast, but still something like 20 degrees warmer than yesterday in Montreal).


I have arrived straight in european spring, it seems, and I have to admit, the moment we began flying over France, arriving in Europe, there was some serious coming-home thing going on. Europe is my home, however interesting the Americas may be, I’ve always known that (not so much of a continent traveller) and know it even more now. And Paris is one of “my” cities, together with Cologne and Berlin. It’s nice to have this intermezzo here before really going back this evening. I’ve done part of my studies here (and the best year of studies for sure!), have been over again and again, have met some of my best friends, and I always regret I haven’t managed to live here longer or to somehow manage to partly work in Paris. (Even if there must be some reason all those young french-parisian families come over to live in Berlin, maybe I’m just too idealistic about it).


Still. I love this city and think it is the most grandiose and splendid one I know. When Caro of penseesbycaro posted her 10 favourite places in Paris in february, I was carrément homesick – some of them are mine, too. And when Aznavour sings “Ma France”, I can almost be moved to tears (I know, pathetic, but). So, I now take a tea in a small café on Charles de Gaulle airport, read Madame Figaro and Elle, look at elegant people, woman dressed with finesse, legs in fine nylons (haven’t seen this in month.. Montréal is more the Yeti look in winter), and at the sky of the île de France. Merveilleux. I’ll be back in May for four days, looking forward already, maybe I’ll give you my favourite places in Paris then.. Au revoir, bisoux, xx!

The photos I took last september, when I passed four days in Paris on my way to Montréal.