Another great wallpaper by Cole & Son – couldn’t resist to post this one, too! Have a great weekend! xxSol



Wall wonders


Aren’t those the most beautiful wallpapers? Since I discovered them at Cole & Son, an almost mythical british company, I long for a great wall to cover with the “Palm Jungle”! (For the moment, I’ve made it my screensaver.. ) What I post here is just a tiny little example of their vast, wonderfully crafted and designed collections, all the rest is over here at their website www.cole-and-son.com.


Here’s what I found about the story of Cole & Son: It was founded in 1875 and was, in the early days, known for high quality block printing and for supplying beautiful stripes and jaspes. Their archives own designs produced by J C Crace & Son to furnish stately homes, palaces, castles and theatres throughout Britain and overseas, including the wallpaper for the Palace of Westminster – the amalgamation of the two businesses in 1941 meant that Cole & Son became the custodians of the most significant collection of wooden printing blocks in Britain.

In 1949, Cole’s Design Director created one of the first screen print studios in Europe in response to the revolutionary new Contemporary design movement which gave birth to the wild wallpaper designs of the 1950s and 1960s. Today, their archive consists of approximately 1,800 block print designs, 350 screen print designs and a huge quantity of original drawings and wallpapers, representing all the styles from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries! Amongst these are some of the most important historic wallpaper designs in the world.

Of their contemporary production, they say: “Our magnificent archive is on occasion the source of new designs within our collections. Designs are carefully selected, adapted and coloured by our designers and printed by craftsmen to produce wallpapers faithful to the character of the original document, yet contemporary in feel.” So true!

Macchine Volanti - Designtapete von Cole and Son - Beige

Last dance

Go with the flow. Szene aus „Son of Gone Fishin’“, das den wunderbar fließenden Tanzsstil Trisha Browns illustriert.

A first and a last time – I had never seen (but on video) the dance and performance art of New York choregrapher Trisha Brown


who was one of those who rocked and profoundly changed the dance world in the 70ies and 80ies – now she stopped by in Berlin on her farewell tour. A stream of never-ending abstract movement, meditative, playful, experimental, the beauty of detachment. If you have the chance, go for it!

The perfect jumpsuit


Doesn’t look like much here (as advertised in the H&M online shop). Yet, when I strolled through an H&M yesterday, it was the one and only item that really catched my eye. Nice material (from the conscious collections, 52 % of the polyester crêpe fabric is recycled – nice, too!), nice cut, and – what you don’t see in the photo – cute golden snap fasteners at top that run down to the waist-drawstring. I tried it on, and it looks SO great! Even more so if I let open the snap fasteners and wear it with a grey tank top below. Really cool, with low black heels as well as with black biker boots, and maybe a loose cardigan. I feel this will be one of my key pieces this summer!

Outer space espresso


Guess what this is? (The “Lavazza” sign may help a little 😉 ) This funny white tech cube is the newest Nasa gadget – an espresso machine for the outer space! Kind of crazy. Robot-cute. Sponsered (they have a reputation to maintain) by the italian agancy for astronautics – italian cuisine has since long conquered the world, now they seem to be reaching up to the stars…

Il Futuro


Last weekend, for a short easter escape, I went to Pisa, Tuscany, back to the beauty and the sea, the incredible, all-promising italian spring , and the friends. The beauty of it hits me everytime. Everytime I tell myself, I have to be here more often, I have to find some kind of project that allows me to spend part of my year here! I feel so at home in this country, and I’m sometimes quite jealous of my friend T. who did it, who lives there all the year long.. This time, he also gave us all the flu, so that since I’m back, I’m just collapsing on my sofa, coughing and drinking herbal tea and missing the first real spring days outside in the Berlin street. Shit. All the italian energy already drowned.

BUT T. got me on my eternal moaning and told me that maybe he has a job for me over there, on a vineyard, in the middle of Tuscany – how would that sound to me?? WHAT? Kind of a dream job, what do you think?? Actually, I would love it, would it be a project for some month of the year. But really, really moving there? Don’t know, really don’t know. But the idea kind of sticks in my head… Maybe I could do it for part of the year?? I could still ask? ok, maybe it is also just a crazy moment, but it’s still nice to sometimes radically ask yourself all over where you want to place your next move.. maybe we let this routine of where we are and what we do now just too much define who we are and who we are becoming?

And you, what are your plans for this summer, your next big step?