♥ What to live for this week – 3

♥ Perfume of lilac and linden trees everywhere. German late spring is really something. Such green and abundance of bloom. At work, we keep the window open all day, to have the smells and the birdsongs as near as possible!

♥ Some great work (and life!) opportunity (if it proves true) in Tuskany – just for some days a month, but that’s exactly what I would love to do: Spend more time at different places I love (and where I have friends that are almost family). Include a little more travelling and freedom and time with fareaway friends in everyday life.

♥ Berlin rocking – I am, as you may have realized by now, a great lover of dance and ballet, and the Berlin dance scene is getting better and better after some years of (relative) lull. New festival and theater directors have taken over, invite great companies and invent interesting festivals. For examples, just check HAU, Berliner Festspiele, Akademie der Künste, and, of course, Tanz im August. From 2016 on, Volksbühne, too!


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