Il Futuro


Last weekend, for a short easter escape, I went to Pisa, Tuscany, back to the beauty and the sea, the incredible, all-promising italian spring , and the friends. The beauty of it hits me everytime. Everytime I tell myself, I have to be here more often, I have to find some kind of project that allows me to spend part of my year here! I feel so at home in this country, and I’m sometimes quite jealous of my friend T. who did it, who lives there all the year long.. This time, he also gave us all the flu, so that since I’m back, I’m just collapsing on my sofa, coughing and drinking herbal tea and missing the first real spring days outside in the Berlin street. Shit. All the italian energy already drowned.

BUT T. got me on my eternal moaning and told me that maybe he has a job for me over there, on a vineyard, in the middle of Tuscany – how would that sound to me?? WHAT? Kind of a dream job, what do you think?? Actually, I would love it, would it be a project for some month of the year. But really, really moving there? Don’t know, really don’t know. But the idea kind of sticks in my head… Maybe I could do it for part of the year?? I could still ask? ok, maybe it is also just a crazy moment, but it’s still nice to sometimes radically ask yourself all over where you want to place your next move.. maybe we let this routine of where we are and what we do now just too much define who we are and who we are becoming?

And you, what are your plans for this summer, your next big step?


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