♥ What to live for this week – 2


♥ Relax after a great weekend – we spent most of it at a 30-hours-concert at Kraftwerk Berlin, an incredible place in a huge old power house (see photo above). Contemporary music from Morton Feldman to electronic sounds, beginning Saturday afternoon and going on till Sunday at midnight (+ after-party). You could even sleep there if you wanted, you could listen to the music on camp beds, on the floor, walking through the halls that look like a cathedral of 20th century technique. It was an unforgettable experience. Best of: Morton Feldman, of whom we were offered the 5-hour-long String Quartet No. 2.

♥ Going to Italy for easter! After canadian winter, this is what I’m looking forward to since January. I’ll see my friends there and their little daughters, we’ll go to the beach and to the parents in the countryside and to Florence (theater, museums, gelato, maybe some shopping), drink many coffees in the sun and walk through the streets and places of Pisa that are part of our entwined stories for so many years now.

♥ Easter chocolats! And italian pastrie in Pisa and Florence.

♥ Beginning of April, kind of „my“ month of the year (an april child), month of new beginnings and spring.


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