♥ What to live for this week – 1


♥ First flowers in the fields. And first blackbirds and their beautiful, elaborated song. It’s the tune of spring and early summer, and they bring faraway countrysides into the city.

♥ Friends. Two friends picked me, and my weight again in luggage, up from the airport. Unannounced, unasked. Others welcomed me to their flats till I get mine back. We went for dinner, drinks, a concert and a great party this week. We danced till three in the morning, had a long sunny Sunday afternoon walk in the Tiergarten park and a lazy brunch at some kitchen table. It’s great to have my Berlin friends back in everyday life. The happiness to be with people you really know well.


♥ Jumping into spring: From -10 to +16 Celsius: Warm welcome to Germany!

MaerzMusik festival. Annual celebration of contemporary music in an (always great) festival. Listen to John Cage floating in the Liquidrom Spa or do “The long now” – 32 hours nonstop full of great concerts, sound installations, film projections and live acts: “Visitors are invited to enter this time bubble, to stay overnight, sleeping or otherwise, and surrender to this artistic borderline experience.” Looking forward!!

♥ This blog. So happy to do it. And to have such lovely readers and followers!



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