Berlin Berlin!

Back in Berlin! It’s all the well-known streets, the restaurants and the cafés, the for all I know unique calm of the city (given that it is a metropole). I’m back to work and to the ordinary, and while it was great to have a time off, it also feels good to have everyday life back. Friends, collegues, language, urban landscape, food (I’ve devoured my first slices of “real” wholegrain bread with Gouda and Brie yesterday), so many things you realize are part of who you are in this moment of your life. Spring is already here, first green and flowers and soft air and our northern sun. I’m looking forward to the weekend and to long hours in a café with my friends (and no waiter asking if you’re finished and want the check…) and to cycle around in the parks and avenues, and to go the Philharmonie and the museums and the shops. I’ll keep you posted what’s going on here! (spring / summer are great seasons to visit). xxSol


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