Spring! … Camellia garden in Tuscany


Spring!! Even in Montreal, snow is melting, birds are singing, sun is hitting the eye like 1000s of Watt. People are getting crazy sitting around on terraces at about 2+ (C). Glorious. Those days when spring comes around are just so special, tickling out all your wishes, laughters and longings, and the need to walk in the sun and to go out and dance and drink and talk a lot in the evenings. To celebrate. So, for some celebration on the blog – here are some pics from last year’s March in Tuscany: My friends over there took me to a hidden-away little village in the mountains around Lucca, to a vast beautiful garden full of Camellia –  hundreds and hundreds of Camellia on descending terraces. From the tea Camellia (yes, tea leaves are actually from a Camellia plant, the Camelia Sinensis) to Camellias from all over the world. The word paradise comes to mind, even more so because it was just us, the flowers, and the forests around (and thousands of bees having the time of their life dancing aaround pink, red, white blossoms).








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