5 things I will miss about Montreal

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6 days, and I’ll be gone from Montreal! Back to Berlin, where I’ll hopefully be welcomed by 20+ (Celsius), by my friends and lovely flat and so many other things – but that’s for next week. Now, it is all about saying good-bye to Montreal, and the things I loved here. To sum it up? This is what I’ll miss most:

The light. The very special bright light and sunny days of Motreal, even in worst winter. German winter may not be as cold, but it is way more dark, overcast, DEPRESSING. Here, it often is winter out of fairy tales, and now in march even if there is still snow, the light is already that of italian spring. Because that’s the grand trick: Montreal is on the same latitude as Venice!! So, a nortern city, southern light. Very intriguing contrast.

The amiability of people in public space. America. Everyone who knows Berliln knows that this is really not something we can pride ourself with, in general. Welcome back subway pushers, harsh bus drivers, arrogant or simply not up-showing shop assistants. Not to forget the whole frustrated, and very openly bahaving so, after-work-crowd in trains and stations. I’ll miss my good-bye-and-thank-you-to-the-driver!

The big river – I love cities that gather around an important, importing river, port cities, connected to the world by a stream – this is the case of Montreal as well as of Hamburg or Antwerpen, and it was great to have the large St. Laurent waters, the big bridges and the islands and the Old Port and all the history of a port and commerce city just some footsteps ago.

The Bixie bikes – Public bicycles, same system as in Paris or New York, powered by the city (and not, as in Germany, only by private companies). You subscribe for a small fee for the whole season and have a 30-minutes free ride everytime you take a bike (you can also simply switch bike after 30 minutes). Bicycle stations are everywhere in the city, love the independence to have a bike whenever and whereever I want!

Grown-up bars – bars with a mix of all ages, from well-dressed after-work pals to youngsters just going out, all that in a stylish ambiance – in many Berlin districts it still is all about VERY different publics in different places, and most places are rather youngster-ish, second-hand-style or, to the contrary, just too posh – difficult to find the thing just in-between.


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