Ever since I first saw this turquoise plexi jewellery, I was under its spell. So beautiful! Simple and contemporary, great colors, unexpected materials, perfectly crafted. When I did the post about the Berlin Superconscious store the other day, I thought that this jewellery absolutely deserves an extra post.

Many of the Turina pieces are of unexpected materials like wood, opaque plexiglass, metal foil. They take the form of a classic diamond, but laser-cutted in wood. Or the classic of a children’s paper boat: Folded in a miniature gold foil version. There are gems of wood and plexiglass and combinations of pearls and colored threads in fragile necklaces. This jewellery is not about gold, silver and diamonds, it goes for the playful and is precious beyond prizey material – to wear with wit and personality.

The boat that we all did over and over in our childhood, here as a gold foil Origami brooch – it was the first piece I saw of Turina jewellery, so playful and special that I researched the brand (and was lead to all the other precious gems here):


By now, I have found out a little bit more: Turina jewellery is named after its creator and designer Sandra Turina, a product designer from Köln / Germany. In 2009, after some years in a design company, first in Cologne, then in Amsterdam, she decided to create her own jewellery brand and began to work on her first collections – having some day jobs to support her brand idea. Today, her workshop and her team are still in Amsterdam,  but she very successfully sells her jewellery in several countries and via her own online shop – no wonder! Have a look here at Turina jewellery!

Some workshop photos (love the material mixes):

Sandra (to the right) with her team:


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