My favourite sweatshirt! It says spring and summer, it’s such a great deep color, and I love its surreal mix of ideas around surf and Paris!

AND I bought it in my favourite shop in Berlin: Superconscious, a “non-concept”store in Weinbergstrasse. The first time I passed by, two summers ago, it was closed, but the windows showed an incredible collection of really special items, each piece one of a kind. Later on, when I visited the shop, it proved true, everything there is special! They have the best of Superga and Reebok shoes, never-before-heard-of labels from France, Japan, Scandinavia, beautiful cool sunglasses, rare perfums, great T-Shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, jewellery, everything in a superior, well-chosen quality.

The two guys who own the shop are great, too, relaxed, friendly, making it a place to meet up and to go with friends to have a great time (wooden benches to hang out are constructed in front of the shop and it seems there’s always someone around to have a coffee or a cigarette). But it’s not at all the kind of designy place where everybody is just too cool for this world. Even if there is a very neat design to the whole place, as ou can see in these photos snitched from their facebook page:

The surfer sweatshirt now also available in a Berlin version!!

Two pieces of Turina jewellery that they sell in the shop (I’ve treatet myself to the turquoise one last april):

If you’re not in Berlin any time these days, the Surf in Paris sweatshirts can also be ordered online in Paris! They don’t look that nice in the online shop photos, but the quality is great and the colors beautiful.

More Berlin adresses soon, if you’re interested? xxSol


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