As promised in my last post, here is one of my treasured recipes handed over many years ago by an indian cook (we were preparing a radio show about tchai tea). Perfect if you are in a winter country right now.

An indian chai tea, according to the said cook, has nothing to do with a mix of lot of different spices like in so many ready-to-go-mixes. A real chai tea is, like a real italian sauce, made of just three or four powerful ingredients. You can vary them according to your taste: You take either a tea spoon full of

cloves, cardamom, a cinnamon stick or
cardamom, black peppercorns, (cinnamon stick) or
fresh ginger, cardamom, (cinnamon stick) or
anis, cardamom, (cinnamon stick)

Never more than two or three ingredients at a time! Prepare your own favorite mix, different at any time if you want.. Then, heat 2/3 liter water in a pot, put your mix inside, let it boil very softly for 15-20 minutes. During the last two minutes, you can add some black tea. You might also add milk, about 1/3 liter. At this point, your Chai already smells delicious.. At serving, add some honey, it makes all the difference!! Hope you like it!

(Bonus: Chai tea is VERY healthy, all of its ingredients are great to boost your complexion, help your immune system, better a cough and a sore throat, …)


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