Eucalyptus Tree


Plants are an important part of whatever home I arrange around myself. If I can’t have a garden (till today, not in view), I at least want a balcony or a terrace to fill with flowers, fragrant herbs, one or another strawberry pot. And for the winters, there are always plants for the inside: Green trees and maybe some colorful flowers to hold on to when outside things get white and grey and cold.

This winter, we grew little Eucalyptus trees on the windowsill. An Eucalyptus is a beautiful plant, with a delicate, very special smell of southern countries. I once bought one almost as big as myself, and it was the highlight of the apartment, so light and gentle and fragrant – till it suddenly died. Here are two new ones, grown from seeds. I’m happy about them, it is something special to grow and nurture a plant all from the seed!

If you want to try it, it’s simple, just give them some soil and a sunny place in the warmth and keep them watered, and within some weeks the seeds grow into something like these delicate baby plants! I’m curious how they’ll go on..




The seeds (those are bought in Berlin, but you have big choice at ebay, for example):



And this is what grown Eucalypti look like (YES, I’m aware they won’y look like that on my balcony..):


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