Colette, her cat, writing, and me

Winter days – great just to stay home, arrange tea, chocolat and apple pie around the sofa, wrapped in a soft knitted plaid. Great also to get some long-thought-of, never quite realized projects going. For me, now, it’s this blog.

I want to go back writing, have wanted for a long time now. I’ve written so much as a child and teenager. Whole books about trolls, dwarfs etc. with self-painted illustrations in primary school; later on stories about girls strolling around in the big woods with their friends (girls more or less like me – I’ve grown up around such woods. And till today Colette is one of my all-time-favorite writers: A woman in Paris, but grown up in the vast forests of rural France).

When asked as a child what I would like to be later, I invariably answered: A child book’s author! I read so much, all the time. Me and my sisters panicked when we went to a 3-week-holiday in the summer. What would we do if we finished all my books before the end of the holiday??! We were famous to drive a hard bargain with the public library’s ladies.

Of course, I have also written many, many pages of journals, encouraged by my father – who has done so every day of his life since he’s eight years old. I’ve stopped it at some moment, thinking very pompously something like ‘life itself is more important than writing about it’. That was in my twens, and it was all about hanging around with friends, dancing, travelling, first jobs. Also, I began to write professionaly. In-between all this, my more ‘personal’ writing did end up to not really happen any more.

I want to change that, and hope to use this extra time winter gives you – in the long evenings, on cold, cold days – to begin to write, again. I hope you’ll be with me on this trip! And I hope your own secret projects go places, too. xxSol

In the photo on top is Colette, writing with her cat around. I’ve seen so many cats do this – hang around the sheets you’re working on – to take part, to be close, to be written about? (Colette wrote a lot about her cats and dogs!)


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