Origami Bird, flying through snow in a glass cage


I found this beautiful bird, flying through fragile, shimmering glass, in a shop near Montreal’s Atwater market. There was quite a bunch of them, each one different, each one handmade, as they told me in the shop – it took me ages to figure out which one to carry home!! Just to realize, as it was packed up in his little cardboard box, that I was going around with a bicycle and – given the shape of most Montral streets – it probably wasn’t such a good idea to take it home just then. I finally left it two more weeks in the shop, till one day I got myself around to take a big great walk and carry it home.. where it flies now against the sky in the window, sometimes also over the snow on the balcony – this is when I try to catch the best photo for you :-))
If you know a little Origami, it’s also worth a DIY, don’t you think?




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