Pre-shopping-invitations for Finery London

Some month ago I subscribed to new fashion brand “Finery London“‘s newsletter so they’d keep me informed about their going public. I had seen some previews of their online exclusive collections made in London and was curious what the shop would be like. Today the invitation was in my mailbox! Shopping is still on invitation only. But I have two invitations to give away, so I thought those would be for you. Just leave a comment if you want to have a look at the shop before the official launch in february.

To me, the “Finery” of the lookbook (which is what you can shop by now) is not so very different from existing shops like &other stories or COS – clean, designy, sophisticated looks that are (hopefully – haven’t touched them..) well crafted and very up-to-date. Nothing for me in the shop right now, but I’ll probably keep an eye on them.


2 thoughts on “Pre-shopping-invitations for Finery London

  1. Thank you, please put me on the list! I like the white shirt dress. And the shoes. I’ve never heard of the brand, will have a look on the website now! xx Sandra


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