Do you remember her? Lorelai, the fairy of Stars Hollow snow days? I think of her sometimes now that I live my first north american (yeah.. canadian!) winter. I know, everybody tells you it’s terrible. And I have to admit that it takes some obstination to put on multiple layers of wool, heattech, down and obscure waterproof materials every morning in order to make your way through the elements:


And it’s strange to go to a party at some friend’s house and to bring a pair of nice shoes in a bag – to put on after arrival, because the one you’ve been wearing outside would just be full of salt, stones, “slush”… BUT! It’s winter days out of fairy tales! Winter all in white and brightest light, rivers and lakes frozen over, air so transparent and dry and ice-cold that it wraps around you like from outer space.


It’s all sun and snow (if you manage – despite your frozen feet and the terribly long dark evenings – to look at the bright side of it)! The trees have become complicated icy sculptures made of crystals and glitter. They are city trees, but now they seem to be part of faraway enchanted forests. They have all the unintended beauty and unapproachableness of it. When you go to the skating rink in the Old Port, there’s always one or another girl dancing on the ice. Moving to some pop sugar out of crackling speakers, she takes the center of the rink, the other skaters turning slowly around her. She stays in he middle and tries steps and figures learned probably a long time ago, by no way perfect. But it always manages to get me transported (it is this same thing that I have always loved in dance, this strange ability of the human body to somehow, with a lot of technique and training and willpower, become something so beautiful, elegant, floating – dancing!). Here are some photos of the old port, but none of the dancers, have to go back, next time, promised!





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